Welcome to the Mediterranean University Network for HRM in HE. This platform, framed in the context of the RISE project, is intended to act as a meeting point, a forum for discussion for the project target university staff members from the South Mediterranean countries engaged in HR.
One of the major challenges facing HRM in HEIs in these times of rapid change and globalisation is the attraction, retention, development and reward mechanisms of high-skilled and qualified staff. People are unmistakably the greatest asset of educational organisations and, as such, a great deal of attention must be paid to their management. HR universities’ departments must rise then to the occasion and direct all their efforts towards developing a sound and reliable HRM model to respond to this call. But the task is certainly a complex one.


Thus, the purpose of this initiative is to promote and facilitate sharing of professional knowledge, experiences and good practices from the diverse stakeholders from across the region and beyond to forge a common ground through international collaboration.


In order for HEIs to cope with the current landscape, the Mediterranean University Network for HRM in HE aims to support HR professionals within the project target universities who are looking forward to increasing, enhancing and developing the HR function within their institutions.
Thus, HR functions in HEIs must chiefly focus on getting the HR leaders to monitor and favour that the recruitment and selection processes, as well as the many challenges that lie ahead, meet the institution’s strategic mission and needs in order to ensure its own future growth and global competitiveness. However, the needs of the university staff are also to be considered so that they are able to grow along with the institutions they work for.


In short, this is common platform, an open space for HR professionals — representatives, managers, supervisors, etc. — ranging from generalist HR practitioners through to specialists in all HR functions operating in SM HEIs to come together and discuss their vision, share their experiences and aims, and bank collectively on the future of HR within HEIs. Therefore, we encourage all constructive feedback.
The RISE project team is pleased to enable this space for your convenience. Please do not hesitate to contribute your experience and insights.

The RISE Project Team