RISE Kick-Off Meeting

RISE Kick-Off Meeting

Date: 22-23/2/2016
Venue: Jordan - PSUT

Under the patronage of PSUT president, Prof. Mashhoor Alrefai, RISE project was launched. RISE is the acronym of “Modernising Human Resource management In South Mediterranean higher Education” and it is a project funded by the EU program Erasmus+.

The project aims at building up capacities and skills in HRM on target South Mediterranean HEIs for stronger organisational efficiency; creating a regional network on HRM as a forum for exchange of good practices and To conceive and develop institutional HR strategies in South Mediterranean HEIs.

RISE partners from Germany, Estonia, France, Spain, Algeria, Morocco, Tunisia and Jordan attended the kick-off meeting held in Amman at PSUT for two days.

In the first day Prof. Mashhoor welcomed the participants and wished a productive work for this new project. He talked about the modern response to selecting, developing and motivating employees in addition to adopting a human resource management methods that concentrating on a number of issues such as training, promoting and encouraging in addition to strategic planning towards the future needs.

He reviewed briefly the achievements of PSUT and the majors presented to the students highlighting the excellence and leadership of the programs of PSUT on the local and regional levels.

Prof. Walid Salameh, the project coordinator, presented a speech started with greeting all the participants of the project and officially opened the works of the kick-off meeting of RISE. He referred to the great importance of this project for partner Universities as RISE intends to be a real gateway to support the South‐Mediterranean in people management strategies.

He referred to the worldwide consensus today on the relevance of quality human resource management (HRM) for the optimization of Higher Education Institutions’ performance. HEIs are facing increasingly complex contexts which require HRM models able to respond to new challenges in the selection, development and motivation of their staff. HR approaches focused on staff recruitment, organisation of employment contracts and salary payment are completely superseded by the necessity to take account of new issues, such as training, promotion and encouragement, development support and strategic planning for future needs.

Prof. Walid clarified RISE’s main goal which is to contribute to South Mediterranean HE Reform Agenda through the modernisation of People Management and illustrated the project structure and the WPs, activities and subsequent outputs, which are logically sequenced and interlinked.

The meeting went through the activities and each partner then presented a presentation about their universities and the existing experience in HR Management. Each partner showed their institutions achievements in figures and photos in 20 minutes presentation.

The second day was dedicated for the financial forms and reports in addition to grant agreement basic rules introduced by the financial director Mr. Yazan Abu Yaghi.

After that the project work packages were introduced and discussed by Dr. Walid and Dr. Nizar from Agora institute whereas many discussion, questions and suggestion were provided from partners for the interest of project’s success.

Finally Dr. Walid expressed gratitude to all participants and thanked members for their contributions and closed the meeting.




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