UFC RISE Workshop

UFC RISE Workshop

Date: 19/6/2017

Venue: UFC - Algeria

As part of the activities related to the RISE project, the UFC organized a workshop on 19 June 2017 titled "Career Management in Higher Education Institutions in Algeria".

38 administrative officers attended the workshop; most of them are administrative who are versed in Human Resources Management; as well managers of other structures. The objective of the workshop was the dissemination and awareness raising of the human resources agents to RISE project.

The first speaker was Mr. Belbrik Mohamed who spoke about the project WP, deliverables and the objectives of the RISE; in addition to presenting a paper on career management in higher education institutions. The second speaker was Ms. RIHANI who gave a historical overview on human resources management. While Mr. Makhlouf Yacine, Human Resources Director, presented a paper on career management in the UFC.

The workshop was covered by Algerian national radio and television. In an interview that was broadcasted on the National Radio on June 20, 2017; Mr. Belbrik, RISE project coordinator at the UFC, spoke about the objectives and WP of the RISE, and the willingness to modernize the management of UFC's human resources. While the National Television Channel broadcasted the event on June 30, 2017.

All participants appreciated the workshop and hoped that RISE will have a direct impact on the modernization of human resources management within the UFC and universities in the region.