Gabes Internal Workshops

Gabes Internal Workshops

Date: 10-11/8/2018

Venue: University of Gabes - Tunisia

As a part of dissemination and networking activities of RISE, University of Gabes organized two training workshops for the HR staff at the university and the involved persons in the project.

The first workshop on 10 August discussed the topic "Recruitment of Academic and Administrative Staff". Participants could have a comprehensive look on RISE project and its importance in supporting the objectives of Human Resources Direction at Gabes University. The workshop shed the light as well on the European partners' experience in the topic of recruitment.

The second workshop held on 11 August discussed the "Training of Academic and Administrative Staff" topic. The project coordinator, Mr. Ezzeddine Mizouri, starts the training session by defining RISE project, and then Mrs. Houda Elarissi, the trainer, introduced the trainings types’ delivered to the staff of Gabes university and explained the model of participatory training, which is followed by Gabes, between the University and its relevant institutions and various other members.