Cadi Ayyad & USMS Workshop

Cadi Ayyad & USMS Workshop

Date: 5-7/10/2018

Venue: USMS & Cadi Ayyad Univerity - Morocco

Within the framework of the dissemination of the deliverable of the Rise project and in order to make the most of collaborators who deals with the management of human resources in Moroccan Universities, a workshop was organized jointly between Cadi Ayyad University in Marrakech on October 07, 2018 and Sultan Moulay Slimane University in béni Mellal on October 05, 2018.

This workshop was an opportunity to bring together interested parties in the human resources management of each of the two universities, including secretaries general, HR managers, and administrators and focused on a consistent program that recounts the fruit of the exchange of experiences that the two person contacts as well as the members of the two task forces accumulated from the various workshops and trainings organized during the three years of the Rise project.

The program focused on different themes presented during the project, in particular:
- Recruitment: regulation, differences between each partner; strong points; weak points; similarities; psycho-technical tests...
- Evaluation of HR performance: indicators; KPI; social dashboard; social report ; method of evaluation of administrative and research teachers
- Digitalization of HR management: application and implementation by each partner as was presented during the visit of Magdeburg University in Germany.
- The management of jobs and skills: profiles of administrative staff and academic staffs at each partner and the career plan.

The two workshops were concluded by the judgment on the very positive balance sheet of the Rise project and its repercussions on each of the Universities including:
• The support of the RISE project in terms of hardware and software for digitizing the daily management of human resources;
• The orientation and assistance of the RISE project in the design and development of an HR strategy for each partner taking into consideration new management tools.

At the end, the coordinators of RISE at the Cadi Ayyad and the Sultan Moulay Slimane universities thanked the participants and especially the coordinator of RISE, PSUT, for their dedication and the good management of RISE and have expressed their wish to continue the collaboration for the interest of the project.