Morocco Training Visit

Morocco Training Visit

Date: 24-26/10/2016
Venue: Marrakech - Morocco

RISE partners attended a new training workshop in Morocco on 24-26 October, 2016.
Morocco training was dedicated to discuss Recruitment in Higher Education institutions. Recruitments provide opportunities to departments to fit out staff skill sets to initiatives and goals, and for departmental and individual growth. Appropriate planning and evaluation of the need will lead to employing the right person in the right place.
Recruitments process contains; vacancies, Job Analysis, recruiting announcement, interviews, tests, position description, copy of ads (including where and when they were placed); list of recruitment sources, applications; resumes; reference letters, supplemental questionnaires and rating forms; interview notes (include the names of note takers); reference check notes; documentation of work samples …etc.
Prof. Walid Salameh, the project coordinator, welcomed all the participants and officially opened the workshop. Then Prof. Mashhoor Alrefai, PSUT president, delivered a welcome speech and reviewed PSUT achievements; after that Prof. Abdellatif Miraoui, the president of Cadi Ayyad University, delivered a keynote speech and welcomed the participants. He introduced the University (students, departments, employees) and its role in building the skills and enhancing the qualifications of the students as well as the staff.
Prof. Youcef Bousalham from Rouen University, started his training on three sessions about Recruitment process at the University of Rouen and covered the following subjects:

  • Importance of HR and knowledge transfer in Rise project
  • Recruitment process at Rouen University
  • The errors in candidate files
  • Recruitment steps

Second session was about "Recruitment job interview and social biases":

  • Elements of the humanitarian impact on the interview
  • Goals of interview
  • Effects on appointment like the look and feeling

And Third session covered:

  • Psychological issues for HR staff
  • A case study about the psychological issues
  • Discussion of a research paper for Dr. Youcef about Recruitments

Prof. Veronika Hrda and Prof.  Zuzana Kapsdorferová from Slovak University of Agriculture delivered a training on about "Job Descriptions, Selection and Hiring that covered the following subjects:

  • Country and university
  • Objectives of the presentation
  • Recruitments process at SUA
  • The conditions for Rec Requirements for recruitments/academic staff
  • Requirements for recruitments/non-Academic staff ruitments in SUA for each academic rank

Prof. Veronika Hrda delivered the session about personality of managers and explained in depth the following tests:-

  • MBTI test   90-120 min
  • XY test       90 min
  • Assertiveness, persuasion 60 min
  • Team work 45 min
  • Orientation / onboarding 45 min

Finally, the participants were divided into groups to answer the questionnaire that is related to personality test for the employment.
The last day was dedicated for discussions, recommendations, suggestions and questions then the workshop was evaluated.